Sophomore Year – May 13th Garden Tour

Did I start my seeds too early? Yes. Did I plant my tomatoes and peppers too early so they will likely stunt? Probably. Did I need to cover them with sheets a few nights? Sure did. Are my tomatoes the opposite of straight? 100%. Am I experimenting with much closer planting so I can fit […]


Moments of Clarity

In my adult life, I’ve had a few moments of clarity, where it feels like a curtain has been pulled back to reveal another layer of existence I hadn’t seen before. The first time I had this feeling was on July 6, 2016 when Philando Castile was shot and killed for reaching for his wallet. […]

Rookie Year Review

The last few months have been interesting… although mostly heartbreaking life events, there have been a few moments of hope which I’ve grabbed and held tightly. One of those moments is this — a job opportunity. I’ll be accepting a new job at Accenture that will result in less planes and more time at home […]

July 3rd Garden Tour

Ready for the holiday weekend? We are stuck at home re: social distancing and are disappointed not to be with friends and family at the lake. However – we are making the most of it! A quick garden tour and now off to Menard’s for some supplies — most importantly, an air pump so that […]

Rookie Mistakes

I watched YouTube videos on a long drive this weekend and learned I’m making a few rookie mistakes that I attempted to fix… Re: End Rot. The cause is likely inconsistent watering. I’m hoping the fix is a calcium boost on the leaves. My plan is to purchase one of those white pump sprayer things […]