Hello from the Northland

Hello from Saint Paul, MN!

Because my Facebook posts have gotten out of control, I’ve decided my musings should move to a more appropriate, longer winded forum. I have pretty shitty grammar; I often use the wrong word when typing and talking (it’s called  malapropisms – I’m good at them); I can get long winded; the only subject other than Intro to Art History I got a C in was spelling (thank g-d for the red squiggly lines of 2016). All of this to say – read at your own risk.

I have five themes I will post about, they are:

  1. Urban Sustainability: This topic will follow my quest to understand sustainable living in urban environments (raising chickens, editable landscaping, solar panels, composting, etc.), and hopefully my husband and my quest to building a carbon zero home in Saint Paul, MN.
  2. Motherhood & Marriage: As a new mom to a ~6 month baby girl, I’m sure I’ll have thoughts on what I’m learning, how I’m mothering, and how my marriage is evolving. You’ll probably hear about them.
  3. Finding Meaningful Work: The journey continues to find work that gets me jazzed on a consistent basis. I have a rewarding career, but always find myself wanting more. I think a lot of us feel that way and have a tough time articulating it (dare our employer gets wind that we have doubts!) I’m going to talk about this journey which has been a large part of my life.
  4. Friendships & Adventures: Through it all, I am blessed with some of THE BEST friends anyone could ask for… You’ll probably hear about how we have built a strong community and have become a large support network for each other (even if we barely see each other). You may also hear about how I find friendship awkward sometimes.
  5. The Leaders of the World: I will talk about the direction of the world from time to time.

I’m looking forward to sharing… I hope you are looking forward to reading.


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