The Carbon Zero Home Update (one where actual progress happened)

OMG (*insert schoolboy excitement here*)

We bought a lot!!!

I can’t even. We almost bought a house first – seriously so close. It was a Sunday night when Dave said, “Ok, put an offer on the house. I’ll be sad about it for awhile but I’ll get over it. It’s a good house” I obviously responded with, “Ah – that doesn’t sound like the right way to do it.” We talked and decided to stop and wait. And we thought that wait would be FOREVER… but then this happened:

 I went to get my haircut last Saturday. As I was waiting for the stylist to be ready, I pulled out the Edina Realty app which I had now done 2.4 million times. I found the lot dead center of our target neighborhood. I sent it to Dave with the comment “Wow. Besides the price and the parking lot next door. This. 100 times this.” On my way home I drove by the lot and took some pics for kicks. Dave and I went to dinner and I shared the pictures. You could tell we were both thinking hard about the situation. Lots in this neighborhood just don’t become available – they are rare… and this one had a few too many things stacked in the “perfect” column to get scared away by the price tag immediately. 

After dinner, Dave and I were in the park enjoying one of the many festivals in downtown Saint Paul. Dave said, “let’s go see this lot.” So we did. We pulled up to the lot on Saturday night and were getting Touncle-berry, Vivi-pants out of the backseat when our competition showed up, jumped out of the car (not noticing us) and spent about 20 minutes surveying our lot!!!

We pulled the baby out of the car and took a walk around the block (twice!) waiting for them to leave. As soon as we were able to spend some time on the lot we both knew this was it. I immediately called our mortgage broker to get our pre-approval letter and the realtor to create the offer. She was at Surlyfest (#respect) so we waiting until Sunday to put in the offer. We knew the lot was priced right (even though we hated the price), and knowing there was competition, we were not going to mess around to save $5k. We offered asking price. They accepted. We are over the moon with excitement and nerves.

Ok, now you have the back story. I’ll explain more later about WHY we are in love with this lot. But we have it. And we are super happy about that. We close in November. Start the two year clock!


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