Why We Love the Lot

Okay – A random Tuesday off work, and I’ll explain why we love the lot. Little Vivianne is in her jumper making farty noises. If my mama instincts have any merit, I’d say I’ve bought myself 15 full minutes to write. (Note: 15 min up before I could proof – read at your own risk!)

Our location was dictated by a few things:

  1. Walkability: A big part of sustainability to us in the walkability of our house. Restaurants, parks, grocery stores, coffee shops, etc… we want to walk and bike on the weekends, not drive.
  2. Downtown Lifestyle: We love our downtown friends and family. We want to keep our Wild season tickets. We didn’t want to drift too far from our community.
  3. Education: Although not our #1 criteria (as Saint Paul now has lots of schooling options), we did have near a nice school as a good “nice-to-have.”
  4. Urban: It was important for us to maintain diversity in Vivianne’s childhood. In addition, we are just more comfortable in the middle of the city (middle of the city or in the sticks are the two options I gave Dave when we married – he chose the city (no surprise)).

We found a lot that hit on all of our criteria! The lot is near the corner of Dayton Avenue and Mackubin Street in the heart of the Selby/Dale neighborhood.


Here’s a small sample of what our neighborhood has to offer (everything will be within 6 blocks of our place!):

  • Mississippi Market is a grocery coop that offers local and sustainable food choices.
  • Claddagh Coffee and Nina’s Coffee shops offer delicious choices and fantastic spots to stop and read a book (or study for a course)
  • The YWCA and Boyd Park have play and picnic options for Little Miss Vivianne
  • Restaurants (non-exhaustive): Happy Gnome (craft beer bar), Muddy Pig (craft beer bar), Moscow on the Hill, Red Cow, whatever the new Salt Cellar is going to be, La Grolla, Bon Vie, Revival, French Hen, some new juice bar I need to try out
  • Great Harvest bakery (yummy!)
  • Solo Vino – best wine store in town (IMHO)
  • Blooma is a Yoga studio for mamas and babies. It is a block away.
  • Penumbra Theater is an amazing theater I interned at during college. It’s very close (exciting to get back into this community!)
  • Nice little flower shop
  • Schools
    • K-8 Capital Hill Magnet ranked 9 out of 10 in Minnesota School rankings
    • Cathedral Hill Montessori (offering programs starting at 16 months) is where it’s at for the little ones

SO excited about this location!


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