The Mullet House

An update on the Sustainable Building Project…

  • On the lot: We closed on the lot! This was questionable as we jokingly set the closing date for November 9th, the day after the election… We chose against moving to Canada (for love of our country and the long game) 1
  • On the new project name, Mullet House: I have a modern/mid-century modern/contemporary design eye. But the neighborhood we are building in is historic and I don’t want a house that looks different… Hence, the Mullet House: business (1920s traditional style) in the front, party (2016 modern style) in the back… fingers crossed we can get this idea passed the approval boards when the time comes.
  • On approval boards: We have review & approval committees. Our neighborhood is in the first Heritage Preservation Neighborhood in Minnesota. Read: Lots of design restrictions and rules. This is one of the biggest risks to the sustainable design we want to achieve.
  • On Sustainability: We defined it. That’s step one.
  • On Money: Nothing will make me comfortable broadcasting our budget, but I think it is a critical piece to the puzzle. Holy buckets, this is expensive stuff!
  • On our architect: We are going with Locus Architect. I’m nervous and excited about this decision. It has the single biggest impact on the project’s results – and I’m well aware of that. It’s a leap of faith, that is for sure.

I’ve attached the cathedral-hill-mullet-house-briefing we put together for our Locus kick-off meeting. It details what we are building, how we define sustainability, and our constraints. (Sustainability nerds – did I miss something in the briefing?)

1. I will talk about that election when I’m damned well ready to – and that day is not today. Or tomorrow… But it will be some day, that I guarantee.


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