Apparently the first step in building a house is a thing called “programming.” At least that’s what our architect calls it. Wynne drafted a program and sent it to us right before Thanksgiving break. I’m loving the timing of everything so far. Work and life are busy busy – so getting the program before a long break, means Dave and I actually have time to digest and discuss it. We are going through Step 2 right after Christmas and are excited about the timing to think over a long weekend once again.

So what is the program? Our program is basically the square footage and floor level of each room in the house. We had asked for a master on the main level, for example, and so our first draft program outlined what this would mean, including the size of the footprint for the house and the implications to our budget (more house = money has to spread further. In addition, more house = less yard. With the gardening, composting, chickens, outdoor entertaining area, play space, etc., I want to maximize the backyard space).

It only took two iterations to land on a program with Locus. Here’s the dimensions they are working towards now and my voice over on the reasoning for some of our decisions…

Main Level –

  • Approximately 600 square feet in kitchen / living space
  • 150 square feet for an “office alcove”
  • Main level bathroom / powder room
    • The idea is that the main level bathroom will be close to the office alcove and that the shower area can be shut off from the toilet / powder room… as in, we have the ability to move to one-story living if we absolutely need to one day. In the meantime, this space can double as a guest room.
  • About 200 square feet in misc. storage areas (mudroom, entry, closets, pantry, etc.)

Upper Floor –

  • Master + master bath
  • Two bedrooms + one bathroom
  • Laundry room
  • 150 sq. foot balcony

Basement Level – Moving the master off the main level meant we were going to need to put a bedroom in the basement. I loved my basement bedroom and privacy in high school. Hopefully Vivi does, too.

  • One bedroom
  • One bathroom
  • 750 sq. feet unfinished

Above Garage – 750 sq. feet of (unfinished) office & apartment space

Right now, with our budget, we are planning to have the basement and garage apartment unfinished. This may change in the year prior to us breaking ground, but we want to prioritize our budget (I want nice things, not more things right now).

All told, we will land at approximately 2800 sq. feet above ground.

And now they sketch. We’ll be going in Thursday before New Years to see their initial sketches. We are very excited!


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