Toddlers are Adorable (Plus a House Update)

The Kid

They say to put babies to sleep “drowsy, but awake.” I say do whatever the hell you need to do to get them to sleep. For us, it was rocking her until she was O-U-T and then gingerly placing her in the crib and crossing your fingers that she did not wake up during the “transfer.” It worked for 12+ months – but out of nowhere, this week three changes happened:

  1. She likes stuffed animals. We were getting worried. We were practicing “hugging” the animals to show kindness because she wanted nothing to do with them. And when she showed a bit of interest, it was only to throw the animal across the room. But this week, she started liking them. There was a slight sigh of relief that we weren’t raising a heartless jerk.
  2. She likes blankets. She HATED blankets before. She’d kick them off and scowl at you if you even attempted to cover her with a blanket. Just not into it. Until, like, Thursday. When she fell in love with them. Kids are so weird.
  3. She just started “going to bed.” She hugs her stuffed animal while you read a book. Then you put her in the crib and tuck her in with a blanket. You kiss her forehead and recite the traditional, “I love you, goodnight.” Then she just goes to bed. It is magical. Bed time went from an hour plus event to a 5-minute routine. I hope it’s not a phase.

She also started communicating.

  • She is a professional at three signs – More, All Done, and Please. She even strung together the phrase “more, please” today and it nearly melted my heart completely.
  • She tells us that she wants to be sledding. All. The. Time. It goes like this: Baby gets boots and hands them to mom. Baby gets snowsuit and hands it to mom. Baby, very humorously, tries to put on hat. Baby sits in sled or tries to push sled towards the door.
  • She tells us it’s time for bed. The other day dad apparently didn’t put her to bed on time, so she went to her room, grabbed her PJs, and brought them to dad on the couch. Freaking adorable.
  • She’s a professional at “go get your shoes” and “let’s brush your teeth.”
  • She stands by her highchair when she’s hungry.

I tell you these things to say this – a lot of people have baby fever. I loved my baby, but the first 8-12 weeks were hard. No one warned me that on top of no sleep you literally got no positive feedback or interaction. I’ve been waiting 2 years (9 months in womb, 15 out) to get to know my daughter and I finally am getting the chance to do so. I love she’s communicating. She has taught me that babies are cute, but toddlers are amazing. And she is so funny. Seriously, the laughs.

The House

The last time I wrote we had completed the program, but we hadn’t yet seen sketches. Since then, we went in once over the holidays for rough sketches and again last Friday for some more polished ideas. We are starting to like the design of the house and hope to put it in front of the Historic Preservation Committee (HPC) by March. Assuming we get through HPC approvals, we move on to the sustainability features… I’m excited for that, manly so I can learn some new things. I’ll share the designs and talk about this part of the process after the next iterations are completed.




One thought on “Toddlers are Adorable (Plus a House Update)

  1. LOVE this! We have a 7 week old daughter and I literately said “yes!” when I read your comment about positive interaction. Everyone keeps saying these are the best times (when they’re little), but I’m excited for getting to know her personality and interacting with her on a level that’s beyond “Feed me! Now! No seriously, RIGHT now!!”.

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