A house update – of a different kind.

The dynamics of working in this industry have blown my mind, not in a good way. I think the first sexist treatment I noticed was in the HPC meeting prep when one of our team members suggested the reason we had been denied twice is because I was doing the pitch, not Dave. Mind you, […]


97 1/2 Years Young

I write these tributes about my grandparents when they pass. There is something very surreal about this being my last one. Grandma was about the most interesting person I have ever met. She was the oldest of 10 children, her mother passing away when she was just 14 yrs. old. (Yes, her mother was pregnant […]

Motherhood, Returning to Work, & a Home Update

Motherhood Little man is nearly 13 wks old which means I can move from counting in weeks to just saying “He’s 3 months.” It also means I’m down to my last 3 weeks of maternity leave. I pulled Viv out of school Mondays and Fridays and it has been mostly delightful. We go to the […]