Home is where the heart will be — in like 100 years when it’s finally built.

Those dang tanks.

It’s likely three total hours of work. And here we are, on our 4th week post discovery — and nothing is happening. We hit “bad timing” re: contracting with the state’s tank removal program. And with the chaos that is the legislative session — getting eyes on our contract is not the top priority (obviously). So – step one is getting a few signatures – and folks – we are still on step one.

Although everyone (bank, city, builder) agreed we could keep our close date of June 27th and move into the house while they finish the garage — we absolutely cannot do that if there is still a backyard sized swimming pool hole. Obviously with two littles, we need no hole. So the garage doesn’t have to be done, but the tanks need to be removed, the slab poured, and the backfill completed before we can move at the end of June.

In addition – it’s creating headaches with house completion; not insurmountable problems, but headaches. Example: They framed the sunporch incorrectly. We are struggling to get the framing team there to fix the sunporch since the garage isn’t ready for them. Siders = same. And being they haven’t patched some major siding problems on the house, the painters will have significant rework when they come to do touch-ups… ugh, ugh, ugh.

So – it’s a mess. We had someone come out to bid the tank removal today – I have zero confidence the tanks will come out before the end of June if we leave it in the hands of the state, so fingers crossed we can get them out quickly on our own dime. Buh bye, moneys.

Insult to injury — my calendar is reminding me that May 30th was the original move in date. Sweet.

Positives (I’m trying, folks) — our fancy stairs are in and they look mostly okay, the outside is getting painted + stone treatment and the inside is being taped for paint, trim is 80% complete; countertops should be here soon (this will make a huge difference as then the appliances and backspash will go up quickly).

Finish line… where are you?!


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