10 Day Countdown?

Technically, Monday was the start of our 10 day count down to move-in day. I say technically, because there was no way in hell we were moving in 10 days. The house had no decks, no exterior stairs, no lights, no installed appliances, no air conditioner, no toilets, no water, no… you get the point. On Monday, no one was admitting to the obvious – but by Wednesday, they came clean.

We talked through a pretty nebulous schedule today that gets us in the house by July 18th – but folks, I have zero confidence in that either. I can only hope for the end of July.

To be fair, I’m not overly upset with our project manager. Yes – he could do more. He could push harder, fire non-performing subs faster, schedule tighter. But at the end of the day, I see what he gets paid and he’s putting in an effort well above his paycheck already.

Nope. I’m not upset with our project manager, but I am upset with our builder. I see what he gets paid too, and this is unacceptable for the check he’s banking on this project. I’m yet to hear from him directly about the delay. If you know professional Kari, you know I have high standards for open communication and meeting, if not exceeding expectations of my clients. He’s miss-firing on both cylinders – and his ego causes him not to own up to it.

The tanks are out and the footings poured on the garage. It’s very frustrating to take a four week delay for no reason at all as we ended up paying for it. We’re lucky that the soil was good so no further delays were realized. But still – four weeks and the replanning? A disaster for all involved.

I said I would find a positive in every post, right? Well – my husband refused a countertop that was sub-optimal quality and we held out for another one that “would be delivered way too late and cause scheduling issues.” Well – it was delivered today and held up nothing and it’s beautiful. So bless him for standing his ground and not compromising.

Let’s reset to a 30 day countdown and cross our fingers.


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