My guess is that I have 30 minutes before the kid’s wake. So here is a list of randomness by Kari. (I linked to a few products in this post – they are unsponsored)

  • I’ve always wanted to reduce the amount of plastic used in our home and that’s a daunting task. A friend told me about Lush and now I’m addicted to the thought of it. They make a shampoo in a paper pint tub – they also make a solid shampoo that you use like bar soap. I’ll try both as soon as we run out of our current haircare stash. I’m also loving the plain old “good soap” brand of bar soap you get at Whole Foods. With a little nudge from a friend (thanks, Kelly!), I’m going to start eliminating plastic from our bathrooms as much as I can. Then – we’ll move to the kitchen, which will be the hardest to conquer.
  • There are other eco-friendly lifestyle changes I’m so excited about. Is it crazy that I cannot wait for my composting bin? So exciting.
  • We have toilets (!!!) and working faucets and 75% of our light fixtures – including my favorite one and it looks perfect.
  • Our Mercury Mosaics backsplash is going in today and I’m so dang excited to see the completed look for our kitchen
  • Our builder is now saying “end of July” – which is cute being I’m hosting a bridal shower the first weekend in August. I’m sure this will work out fine. [sarcasm] Good thing the shower is for my niece and I have the most forgiving family in the world. We’ll make it work and have so much fun regardless of the state of the house.
  • My next blog will be a video blog on move-in day or slightly after. It will be fun.  🙂
  • Leroy is sitting! And eating like he was born to eat. And sleeping slightly better. He still has the best ears.
  • We have a fun playdate with one of Vivianne’s friends from school this morning (our 2nd one). They promised carbs, coffee, and cocktails. They are amazing. I cannot wait to host them in the new house and return the favor.
  • Someone used a mobile passport yesterday at customs and my mind exploded. This.
  • July 4th on a Wednesday sure does make a mess for Minnesotans. Kudos to all of you taking the full week off. Unfortunately with a pending move, Dave is not so lucky, so we’ll be heading up north for a few days but back at the end of the week. I’ll use those days to pack in peace with the kiddos in daycare.

End of random thoughts by Kari – enjoy your vacation week. After being in Amsterdam last week, I’m really looking forward to some fun lake time with the kids.


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