U-Haul ✅

Surely we are hiring movers, right? Nope. It may be a dumb move, but our rationale is sound. Our heavy couch, love seat, media center, coffee table, end tables, storage unit shelves filled with…. storage — all of that is getting moved into the garage and the garage isn’t done. So in mid-September, we’ll hire movers. But for now – we trek alone, with the help of Tim and Val.

Thursday is the official move day.

My nostalgia for the Lowry is already kicking in. I’ve met lifelong friends here. I met my husband here. There’s been a few crazy nights with (what feels like) the entire town of Roseau during the high school hockey tournament. I got married here. I hosted my WCHA hockey family many many times. I sang too much Kareoke. I did condo crawls and Dirty 30 Hat Crawls and Saint Patty’s Day Parades and Winter Carnivals. I became a mother.

I dubbed this place the “adult dorm” back in 2008 when I moved in. A decade later, it ends. I am excited for more space for my family. I am beyond words to have a backyard for Vivianne. But don’t assume I won’t miss what I had in this little “1 bedroom + den,” condo. Yes, our stuff is exploding at the seams. Yep, being cramped introduces family tension at times. But it also humbles us… And, without a doubt, it produces the most precious memories that I get to keep forever.

Buh bye, Unit 402. May your next tenant be 1/2 as cool as us. (And hopefully have 1/2 the things! 😉)


One thought on “U-Haul ✅

  1. They won’t be 1/10th as cool as you guys. Living up the big city life as a family of 4. So chic! 💃🕺👨‍👩‍👧‍👦


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