But I don’t have much to say…

After promising a video tour of the house, I’ve gone suspiciously quiet. The truth is, I don’t have much to say. Life is whirling around me as I try desperately to keep pace. A window into my world:

  • My work went from anxiety-inducing slowness to stress-producing pace. I spend a lot of time in Maryland these days. My docket for October is Maryland; Ann Arbor, MI; home; Maryland; Boston; home; Hong Kong; Shenzhen; home; Chicago; home; Maryland; home. Somewhere in there I hope to celebrate Halloween with Vivi and 💯 I will be there for her birthday if it kills me. Truth: it might kill me.
  • I’m stressed about my current friend neglect. I need more of my girls but I have no idea how to fulfill that need without adding more stress to my life.
  • Super personal — Dave and I always said 2-3 kiddos; but I think we are finally throwing in the towel and landing on 2. It’s just a lot. People say going from 2 to 3 is easier than going from 1 to 2. I am pleased to report that we will never know if this is true.
  • I lost my wedding ring yesterday for the first time. I remember taking it off to do dishes and thinking, “You never set your ring by the sink. You probably shouldn’t do that.” I’m not sure if I changed my mind in the final moments and set it in some other magical place (yet to be found) or if it has started it’s journey through the St. Paul sewer system. Ugh.
  • I have become a crazy co-sleeping mama. Viv rarely slept in our bed. And I hated when Leroy did it when he was itty bitty. But now he is a tank that I can’t hurt and I love his calming snuggles and early morning smiles/play.
  • Adriana is adjusting well to Minnesota culture — she’s tolerating the weather 😉. Her and the kids are finding a good rhythm and she’s found a few friends. We haven’t ventured much out of the neighborhood, but hope to show her more as our lives settle.
  • There are still boxes. And we live here with young kids (it will never be clean). There is no character in our decor and nothing on our walls. Tell me to get over it and do the video tour for all those who have followed our journey and are waiting so patiently for more pics.

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