Leroy is One!

It is no secret that this mama had a tough tough time transitioning from one to two kids. In hindsight, there were likely many reasons. The first — I like sleeping. The older I get, the harder that newborn phase truly is. The second – the DRASTIC transition of childcare responsibilities from when I am a high-strung (maybe strung-out) partner to when I am a high-strung (completely strung-out) mom of a newborn + toddler. It’s not pretty…

It took me awhile with Leroy. Awhile to recover from childbirth. Awhile to figure out how to share my attention. But I got there.

Leroy is such a blessing. We love his constant smile, contagious laugh, and ability to make mischief out of the most benign situations. He shares his sister’s heart, but that may be the last common trait they have. He learns with his feet and his hands, his sister observes. His sister was a late talker, I’m pretty sure he said “thank you” when he handed me a toy today. Vivianne loves everyone equally, including me. Leroy? He’s a mama’s boy. We cuddle every morning and he’s in my arms as soon as I walk in from work. He whimpers if I go out of eyesight, Adriana and daddy always reminder him,” she’s right there!”

He brings us joy. Happy first, little man!


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