Pure People

I added this to my notes on Monday… I believe I wanted to capture my daughter’s pure desire to help others.

The pressure on me? Not to disrupt this beautiful person from developing into her full potential.


Lest you think everyone is sad and evil, I share with you sweet things my 3 yr old daughter did this week:

1 – while playing outside she yelled “Come find my bird feeder, please, birdie… you must be hungry!”

2 – when dad put her to bed, he mentioned he needed to salt the front sidewalk. She realized he had run out of salt and, from her room, loud whispered, “but Leroy is sleeping and I have to be quiet but there is salt by my bird feeder, daddy.”

3 – when I told her I was sad that I was almost finished with my book she said “don’t worry mom, you can just start it over again” and gave me a hug.

Her heart is big. I love that about her.


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