Viv (my four year old) and I had a great day making plans, shopping, and planting our seedlings. We have one more tray to go, but ran out of hours in the day.

A few things I did not mention in my video:

  1. I found some “daylight” bulbs that were 6500K and 1600 Lumens. These were within the grow light ranges my YouTube coach @calikim29 recommends.
  2. We ended up putting the seedlings in the darkest, least naturally sunny room in the whole house. Here’s to hoping those bulbs do their job.
  3. We have smart switches already hooked up into our home. I’m using our Christmas tree switch to program the lights to 16 hrs on, 8 hrs off.
  4. The $170 I quoted was for the two shop lights, four bulbs, four peat grow trays (I’ll just need the refills next year which were super cheap), PVC pipe, sand (I got extra), chains (that I didn’t end up using), S hooks and two pair of gardening gloves. I think some laundry detergent may have snuck in there, too.
  5. I spent about another $50 on seeds and an extra $20 on some kid’s gardening gloves and tools for Vivi. I went to my neighborhood garden shop and it was lovely and perfect. (Shout out to Egg|plant Urban Farm supplies!)


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