Moments of Clarity

In my adult life, I’ve had a few moments of clarity, where it feels like a curtain has been pulled back to reveal another layer of existence I hadn’t seen before. The first time I had this feeling was on July 6, 2016 when Philando Castile was shot and killed for reaching for his wallet. […]

Week 4

Week 4 brought to you by oversized plants, no more room, and and ever-present concern that we will not make it two more months indoors. 4 hrs of transplanting today. I could have done four more, but I stopped. Week 4 Video “Beans” label by Vivianne.

Million Miler

I made Million Miler* on Delta today. I thought the milestone would be reached in a dumb way (just a routine trip to the client site). However, it has been reached on the first leg of an epic trip. This trip was originally planned for September, but we got into a situation where we had […]

IWD 2019

I wanted to write something witty for International Women’s Day since I’m on vacation and have the time, but really — it’s been a tough year for me in the professional arena. I always used to say that my “career didn’t really begin until I made partner.” It was a milestone I was really looking […]

Pure People

I added this to my notes on Monday… I believe I wanted to capture my daughter’s pure desire to help others. The pressure on me? Not to disrupt this beautiful person from developing into her full potential. —- Lest you think everyone is sad and evil, I share with you sweet things my 3 yr […]

Leroy is One!

It is no secret that this mama had a tough tough time transitioning from one to two kids. In hindsight, there were likely many reasons. The first — I like sleeping. The older I get, the harder that newborn phase truly is. The second – the DRASTIC transition of childcare responsibilities from when I am […]


I’m on my way to Ross School of Business to be on a panel titled Being a Woman Leader in a Male Dominated Industry and it really has me riled up… I was listening to a podcast on the plane where a pollster polled US and Canadian citizens. The question was – “would society be […]

But I don’t have much to say…

After promising a video tour of the house, I’ve gone suspiciously quiet. The truth is, I don’t have much to say. Life is whirling around me as I try desperately to keep pace. A window into my world: My work went from anxiety-inducing slowness to stress-producing pace. I spend a lot of time in Maryland […]

U-Haul ✅

Surely we are hiring movers, right? Nope. It may be a dumb move, but our rationale is sound. Our heavy couch, love seat, media center, coffee table, end tables, storage unit shelves filled with…. storage — all of that is getting moved into the garage and the garage isn’t done. So in mid-September, we’ll hire […]