Grandpa Roy

The stories about Grandpa Roy… He was a character for sure; and I’d like to think my personality and desire for trouble was learnt from him. There was the time he and his fishing buddies gave ~6th grade me a ride home to Roseau. Grandpa insisted on NO FARTING in the car; no dirty jokes; […]


Apparently the first step in building a house is a thing called “programming.” At least that’s what our architect calls it. Wynne drafted a program and sent it to us right before Thanksgiving break. I’m loving the timing of everything so far. Work and life are busy busy – so getting the program before a […]

Picking An Architect – update 1

There are things I want to say about the world. About Trump. About Hillary. About Bernie. About stupid Heathrow Home Office Security procedures. About my lack of dry ice knowledge. There are things. But I haven’t had time to articulate them, so I won’t say them yet. But I’m overdue for oversharing. So, from the […]

Picking An Architect

It’s been a busy few weeks on the Carbon Zero building front… So many awesome offers from my architect friends and a few game-changing gems from my non-architect friends. Here’s what I know: My neighbor friend (and architect), Rachael, came over. She dropped off her Architecture MN magazine, May/June 2016. As luck would have it, […]

Why Am I Doing This?

Why Am I Doing This? The Blog Adulthood gets difficult – and I find writing my thoughts on the journey helps. The support, advice, and constructive criticisms are helpful. So thank you – keep them coming. Why Am I Doing This? The House There are so many reasons why I want to tackle this building project. […]