But I don’t have much to say…

After promising a video tour of the house, I’ve gone suspiciously quiet. The truth is, I don’t have much to say. Life is whirling around me as I try desperately to keep pace. A window into my world: My work went from anxiety-inducing slowness to stress-producing pace. I spend a lot of time in Maryland […]

U-Haul ✅

Surely we are hiring movers, right? Nope. It may be a dumb move, but our rationale is sound. Our heavy couch, love seat, media center, coffee table, end tables, storage unit shelves filled with…. storage — all of that is getting moved into the garage and the garage isn’t done. So in mid-September, we’ll hire […]


My guess is that I have 30 minutes before the kid’s wake. So here is a list of randomness by Kari. (I linked to a few products in this post – they are unsponsored) I’ve always wanted to reduce the amount of plastic used in our home and that’s a daunting task. A friend told […]