The one about money…

I’m going to ignore the water and mud in the basement of our house and talk money. Because – I just can’t. But here’s a few pictures for fun — back story, the team dug a trench to run utilities to the detached garage and then left for the holiday week. Trench (not filled in) […]


Motherhood, Returning to Work, & a Home Update

Motherhood Little man is nearly 13 wks old which means I can move from counting in weeks to just saying “He’s 3 months.” It also means I’m down to my last 3 weeks of maternity leave. I pulled Viv out of school Mondays and Fridays and it has been mostly delightful. We go to the […]

From Approvals to Reality

From Approvals to Reality I oscillate between pure excited, pure dread, pure anger, and pure happiness while building this dang house. It is an intense process, and it comes with many surprises – the theme of this week’s surprises: mounting costs. Our house has the right guts: This whole thing started because we want to […]