Working Knees

I was about 24 when my knees suddenly stopped working. I remember an event — like “they stopped working while walking down grandma and grandpa’s stairs at Christmas.” In reality, it was likely not that sudden — Twenty something Kari wasn’t the most astute to her own body’s needs.

MRI tests show no cartilage left — Severe arthritis is the verdict. Doc wanted to go in and shave a bone, but said that is 50% successful, so I never did.

For 13 yrs, I haven’t really bent down. Imagine what that does to one’s leg muscles. But I’ve lived with the limitations.

Not any more.

My mom is getting her right hip replaced on Thursday. She’s really been struggling lately and one doc visit detected the underlying problem. (Send her love!)

This has made me realize — dammit, my right hip hurts, too. I’ve been tossing and turning at night to get comfortable on my side. I used to be 100% stomach sleeper, but I cannot do that anymore because it hurts my knees. And I’ve never been able to sleep on my back. I’m sure that having your hip act as a knee for 13 yrs will put some stress on it.

I’m. Falling. Apart.

This is the final straw and I’m doing something about it — now it’s all about timing. If we are here in a year and nothing has changed, I’ve failed myself.

Anyone else get new knees at a “youngish 🤣” age?


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