We are in, but it ain’t pretty.

Thanks to the heroism of Tim, Val, and Dave, we are in. There were a few falls, many bruises, a number of curse words, and oh — a partial condo yet to move… but we live here now and that is something. (pro tip: hire movers)

The journey is one of disbelief. We have been steering towards this since the day we started working. We’ll continue to work to support this for at least another two decades, likely more. It is our American Dream, happening at 44 years old for Dave and 36 for me. I am humbled. And tired.

For those who know me, this is the only ‘selfish’ dream I wanted to accomplish. I love architecture and beautiful spaces. I never needed a space of my own, but I truly wanted it.

There are no Joneses to keep up with. I need nothing else but the good juju of this house for as long as life allows me to live here. I need fellowship with the community around me. I need peaceful nights with my family in our space. I need want a compost bin. But most of all, I need sleep.

(blog written from the chair on your right. i promise – a video tour once the boxes are unpacked and my mind can relax at work a bit)


3 thoughts on “We are in, but it ain’t pretty.

  1. This has been fun to watch (mostly because I didn’t have to do it). Congratulations on your new home.
    Love your beautiful deck! I know you and your family will make lots of great memories here. Carry on!


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