Viv is ONE!

Dear Vivianne,

A year ago, you joined us. What a beautiful day and a beautiful baby.

It was pretty funny actually how you came to us. Dad and I took the Friday off to enjoy a long weekend (we were pretty sure you’d be coming the next week). But then on Friday, on our date, my water broke (eek!). About three hours later, we were at the hospital. About forty hours later, you came into the world. To be honest, I didn’t think you were quite ready to join us, I think your long sharp nails just accidentally broke the water. Regardless, the party was started and we couldn’t have been more excited.

Your entry into the world was so smooth. I had tried to birth you without medication, but the induced labor got to me after about 12 hours and I got an epidural. I’m happy I did, because frankly, it had been about me and my pain for 12+ hours, but in the 4 hours up to your birth, it became about you. I had one of the “good” epidurals where I could still feel when it was time to push. I knew you were finally ready. And I was so excited to meet you.

When it was finally time to come, you came fast (almost so fast the doctor didn’t make it to the room!). I was surprised when they handed you to me, how comfortable I was to receive you. I don’t think I’d ever held a newborn before that (in fact, I was afraid of them). But you – you and I were one, and our connection was instant.

We didn’t know if you were a boy or a girl and the doctor forgot about that! Dad finally asked if they could turn you around so we could see if you were a boy or a girl – it was funny and we all laughed.

Over the last year, I’ve watched you learn and grow. You’ve amazed me constantly with your understanding and knowledge of what’s going on around you. I was reminded the first time we stacked blocks together not to underestimate the power and speed of your comprehension. I love reading books with you and keeping you away from the buttons on the receiver. I imagine life could be no better.

You are also an easy baby. Everyone tells us that. We’ve been able to bring you everywhere with us – hockey games, two vacations (Saint Maartin & Kentucky to see horses), football games, restaurants, weddings. I’m so happy to share these moments with you.

Dearest Vivianne – On your first birthday, we celebrate you. Thank you for coming to join our band. Thank you for loving us as much as we love you.

Hearts and other things that mush,

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